Charlotte Crypto Con

Oct. 7, 2018 - Charlotte, NC

"DarthBill" Lancaste, featured speaker, tells us about himself

I got interested in Bigfoot from watching shows with my dad like "In Search Of" with Leonard Nimoy. I think the Bigfoot episode was the first time I learned about Bigfoot. Then watching the Six Million Dollar man fight a Bigfoot. From there I in grade school I would get my weekly reader order mini magazine, if you know what I am talking about...I was the kid that would order the Loch Ness Monster books, and UFO books and of course Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang.

As part of getting to know my wife before she was my wife, we found we shared a lot of neat common interest, and one of them was Bigfoot. I was also through her urging to continuing to develop my photography skills and entering local Photo contest. I have always loved movies and really get into documentaries...I like to learn while I watch. I needed to upgrade cameras and decided I wanted something that could also shot broadcast quality videos. I knew I wanted to try and film little shorts and play around with stuff that I could see and share on social media, as a pacifier if you will for the film bug. As me and my wife listened to more Bigfoot related podcast and shows like Coast to Coast AM, and watch more videos on YouTube and similar platforms, we said I can do that...I think I can make something that good or better. So we went to our first Bigfoot convention in Virginia last year, and ahead of time I got permission to film the 2 days conference, and said I would put it up and share what I filmed with everyone. That was where it got started, we were getting involved in the Bigfoot Community and meeting a bunch of new folks who would become friends with similar interest, and I was scratching that film bug itch. I began to connect and network with a lot of folks in the Bigfoot community thru social networking, and then that lead to phone calls, and meeting. I had already been working on my first documentary and soon to be released film about a local author called "Write of Passage: An Authors Journey". So I had my feet wet in how to kinda put a film together, shots, questions, interviewing, sound, lighting, the whole nine yards, and I had been slowly accumulating and upgrading equipment to make some sharp looking and sounding well edited footage. I ask my wife Amy, the other half of Bilco Productions if she would help me write a documentary about Bigfoot, that I had made a lot of connections within the community and think we could make something neat. Amy asked what do you want to do, the run around in the woods stuff? I said no not really, we both decided we were fascinated by the community and culture that we had began to encounter the more we got involved in our armchair research and visits to conventions and seminars. So we decided to take a look at something we had not really seen addressed yet, but we wanted it to be serious, respectful and as sharp looking and well presented as we could make it. The rest is an ever evolving history, we are probably 3/4's the way thru interviews and filming, and are surprising ourselves with the content and participation we are getting from names with in the Bigfoot Community/Culture, big and small.

Bill Lancaster, Bilco Productions
YouTube "darthbill68"